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We know that when it comes to choosing materials for your construction project, every detail is important, which is why you can count on our professionals to help you buy your products quickly.

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klyngher coelho
klyngher coelho
Great staff! Great store! Always doing great business!
caio lima
caio lima
The best repair and equipment store in NJ
caique moura
caique moura
Muito bom atendimento,pessoal muito educado,resolveram meu problema no msm dia

Construction materials

We work with the best products and materials to ensure efficient, safe construction that meets your requirements at every stage of the project.

Tool repair

With experts in the maintenance and repair of construction machinery, we offer intelligent and efficient repair services so that your machines work safely and with quality.

The best construction supplies for your project are here

We know that the race to complete a construction project is a reality for most people who are building or renovating, and finding a company that really offers what you need is a big challenge.

However, with our machine repair specialists and the right materials for your construction site, we can guarantee a precise solution to your construction challenges much more quickly and efficiently.

Count on us to put an end to your worries. We deliver everything you’re looking for in building materials or machine repairs quickly, safely and satisfactorily so that your project can proceed without any problems or delays.

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Rolair Compressor 4090HK17

Metabo NV83A5M

Prime Coil Nails

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Located in the dynamic landscape of New Jersey, our construction company, founded by the determination and entrepreneurial vision of Klyngher, together with the invaluable collaboration of Fernando and Jessica, stands out for its excellence and dedication in providing high-quality construction services. With a story marked by resilience, we have established ourselves as an authority in the industry, serving a diverse clientele with commitment and precision.

Choose our team and guarantee the best materials and the best machine repair assistance for your construction project.